Birth Injury Claims

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Often a time that is supposed to be one of your happiest can become incredibly painful. Mistakes can be made during labour which lead to longterm serious complications for a child. If those mistakes were avoidable you may be able to make a claim for compensation for your child's injuries. We specialise in medical negligence claims and have successfully obtained compensation for many birth injury claims.

Types of birth injury claims

One of the more common injuries to babies during birth is Cerebral palsy. Other complications can include brachial plexus injury, umbilical cord problems, ruptured placentas and infant death. Birth injuries can also relate to the mother, from improper use of forceps to vaginal tears. The Medical Negligence Solicitors have dealt with many birth injury claims and can help you whatever the nature of your claim is.

When can I make a birth injury claim?

During the birth consultants and midwives must regularly take observations. If there are signs of distress for the baby the carers should be put on notice to pay careful attention to developments. If the baby deteriorates and they take no action and the baby suffers as a result, you may be able to make a claim for birth injury negligence on behalf of your child. Other claims can arise through forceps being used inappropriately causing injury to the baby, or when medical staff fail to notice signs of pre-eclampsia.

The Medical Negligence Solicitors

Whatever the nature of the birth injury, we are ready to help you. We understand that these are incredibly sensitive times and we will ensure your interests and those of your child are always put first. We can help not only with the legal claim, but if your baby is badly injured, we can arrange treatment and care to help you.

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